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Lifeline to Hope
Equipping Christians to Help Each Other

Through a unique video-based series on biblical caregiving from Hope for the Heart, everyday people receive training on how to provide effective support and care for the broken and hurting in their own communities and circles.

Lifeline to Hope Courses 

Get yourself, your church or small group started today. 

Learning together, each person learns to be a better caregiver for those around them.
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Grow and Equip Caregivers for Your Church

Self Study Course

Learn at your own pace about biblical caregiving and how to become a better people-helper in this 10-session video course for individuals.

Just $199 (save $50) with code JENNIFERSELF

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Group Study Courses

Grow a team of people-helpers or start a caregiving ministry for your church or organization with this comprehensive training program for the group.

Just $349 (save $100) with code JENNIFERGROUP

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Topical Training Videos

Learn how to help others with practical and biblical guidance on specific emotional, spiritual or relational issues such as Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Abuse, Marriage, Parenting and more.

Just $24 (save $5) with code

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What Others are Saying about Lifeline to Hope

I just finished the course and it was amazing. You will always run into people who are broken and hurting. This teaches you how to come alongside someone and be their lifeline to hope.

Lifeline participant

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