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Stress and the Holidays

if you have lost a love one or any loss for that matter . It could be a big or small loss , u might feel stress or the blues .

Some suffer with seasonal depression as well . All the parties , presents and people can be overwhelming. I have autoimmune disease , so I definitely feel this way .

Take time , to take care of yourself . If you feel stress. Do what you like to do to relax , Ex a massage . Or read a book , take a bath .

Let us remember that all people are not joyful this season . Be extra kind . Serve at a food pantry , take gifts for the needy . Vist a nursing home.

It will actually make you feel better , to serve others in this way .

This cold season , has a tendency to make people hibernate .Myself included .

Again , find ways to set boundaries and take care of yourself , slow down amd look at the blessings and gifts around you . Christmas will come again next year . Take time to savor this one .chew every bite slowly and enjoy this one .

Have yourself a merry little Christmas !

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