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Essential Oils and Emotions

Essential Oils and Emotions

I have been researching the topic essential oils and emotions for the last year and a half . I have become very interested in this topic .

Because anti depressants and anxiety medication is on the rise . I wanted to look into how essential oils could be effective with helping the stressed brain of most women today .Lavender , my favorite, when inhaled through the nose goes to the limbic system and calms the nervous system down .

Are you stressed from work , screaming kids , loads of laundry ?Essential oils , can help us calm our anxious brains .

Some oils to try for stress reduction are Bergamot, geranium , grapefruit , Jasmine , Sandlewood , Rose, ylang , Ylang . Have you just recently had a loss , are you grieving ? Try neroli, Rose, Sandlewood , Vetiver .

Experiment with the oils and see which ones are best for you .I personally use peppermint for fatigue . I have thyroid and fibromyalgia.I have just scratched the surface of this topic .I dare you to be curious !

I hope this wets you're appetitive for using essential oils in your everyday life . Please contact me with questions , let me know how I can help you

Blessings and Peace,

Jennifer Chavers Romams 8:28

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